#005 TALK TALK TALK: Architecture


날개 달린 상상 속의 배 Ether Ship을 타고 자신이 추구하는 건축물을 짓기 위해 노를 젓는 건축가 '양성구'.
뉴욕의 사회문제의 실타래를 푸는 건축가이자 프랫 인스티튜트(Pratt Institute)의 교수, Bell/Seong Architecture의 '성은정'.
자신의 컴포트존을 깨기위해 끊임없이 도전하는 건축가, SHoP Architects의 '김택중'

뉴욕에서 한인 건축가로서 왕성한 활동을 이어가고 있는 세 분을 모시고 소중한 자리를 준비했사오니 많은 관심 부탁드립니다!

It's that time of the year! KANA's artist forum <Talk Talk Talk> is BACK.

Come to gain career path advice & networking opportunities with three amazing and talented ARCHITECTS.

Our speakers are:
Sung Goo Yang : Principal of Ether Ship, Professor at NYIT
Eunjeong Seong : Co-founder of Bell/Seong Arch., Professor at Pratt Institute
TaeK Kim : Project Director at SHoP Architects

We hope you fully take advantage of this great opportunity to expand your knowledge and network. Grab your chance with KANA's <Talk Talk Talk>!






SUNG GOO YANG ㅣ 양성구        Founder / Principal, Ether Ship

[ Experience ]

Machado and Silvetti Associates, Boston
Designer, Architecture 2008 - 2011

Herzog and de Meuron, Basel
Designer, Architecture 2006

[ Education ]

Harvard University
Master of Architecture 1 Advancement Placement

Korea University
Bachelor of Architectural Engineering



EUNJEONG SEONG ㅣ 성은정       Co-Founder/ Principal, Bell/Seong Architecture: Visible Weather

[ Experience ]

Pratt Institute School of Architecture, New York  
Adjunct Assistant Professor 2009 - Present

SHoP Architects P.C, New York  
Senior Designer 2004 -2006

[ Education ]

Columbia University
Master of Architecture Degree

Inha University
Bachelor of Science; Architectural Engineering 


TAEK KIM ㅣ 김택중       Project Director, SHoP Architects

[ Experience ]

Gehry Partners, LLP
Associate Architect 2006 - 2011

Studio Daniel Libeskind, LLC
Architectural Designer 2003 - 2006

[ Education ] 

Pratt Institute School of Architecture
Bachelor of Architecture